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1 Constitution on Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:54 pm


These Rules are simple, yet important.

-Keep swearing to a minimum
-Pornography will result in an immediate ban.
- No Double Posting
- Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, spacing, & punctuation. Posts without proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, spacing, & punctuation maybe deleted, and also count as violations to the Constitution. Please see 'Violations' below. 'Good Posts' will be determined by staff. This is an elite site, we do not tolerate members who do not use proper English language in posts. (Use of languages other than English may cause posts to be deleted since staff will not take the time to translate them to very that there is no breach of forum rules.)
-Please keep the fighting to a minimum. Continued fighting will result in a ban.
- And most importantly, have fun!

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